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Borough of Hatfield Municipal History (1962-Present)

Excerpted from “History of Hatfield Borough, 1898 – 1998”
Published in 1998, Hatfield Museum and History Society.

November, 1962

Because of the illness of Borough Secretary Fryer, Council advertised for a new secretary with the following advertisement: “MALE – BOROUGH SECRETARY, State age, qualifications, references & salary desired.” The following month, David L. Leidy was hired as Secretary at $6500.

February, 1965

The Borough signed an agreement with Hatfield Township in February 1965, to jointly develop a pool & park on Chestnut Street in Hatfield Township.

January 1972

The Borough solicited bids to construct a new municipal administration building on Borough owned property on Edgewood Dr. at The Circle. Two months later, Council decided not to build a new structure for the Borough offices on Edgewood Dr., but to renovate the borough garage to include office space. Ordinance #219 was adopted in 1973, prohibiting the keeping of pigs and hogs in the Borough. This ordinance was amended in May, 1976, to prohibit the keeping of any livestock or farm animals, including pigs, hogs, horses, cows, chickens, ducks and sheep, within the Borough.


The Borough discontinued generating its own electricity in 1977, and began purchasing all of its electric power from PP&L.

February, 1988

The sale of the Hatfield Borough Water System to the North Penn Water Authority was completed in February 1988. In June of that year, after 15 years of study and 2 years of intense negotiations, Hatfield Borough approved an agreement to tie-in with the Hatfield Township Municipal Authority’s system, for treatment of the Borough’s sewage. The Borough would, however, continue to own and maintain the sewer system.

June, 1992

At the June 1992 meeting of the Hatfield Borough Council, the Police Department reported that a four foot alligator was found loose in a stream in the borough. The reptile, a Borough resident’s pet, had been tied to a tree but got loose. Some discussion was held relative to adopting an Ordinance restricting such animals but no action was taken.


On January 7 & 8, 1996, the Blizzard of 1996 hit the area, dumping 30 inches of snow. Hatfield Borough used 60% of its 1996 snow removal budget on those two days!


In the fall of 1997, after many years of planning and negotiations, the Borough purchased a tract of land behind the former Hanson Textile building with open space grant funds, and a contract was awarded to develop the property into a community park.