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Borough of Hatfield Revitalization Plan 2009

Vision and Goals

Hatfield Borough will build upon its traditional qualities by providing an attractive balance of retail, office industrial, and residential uses that help serve the employment, shopping, quality of life, and recreational needs of residents. The Borough envisions a Core Commercial Area that is a pedestrian friendly, tree lined area where residents and visitors can walk, shop, and meet. Residential neighborhoods will continue to provide a mix of housing options, excellent walkability, and safe connections to the Core Commercial Area. Commercial and industrial businesses will build upon and continue to provide quality jobs to residents.

To achieve this Vision, the Hatfield Borough Revitalization Task Force developed the following nine Goals:

  • Attract new commercial enterprises to the Borough especially to the Core Commercial Area.
  • Assist existing businesses to remain viable and/or to expand.
  • Increase the density of the Core Commercial Area by promoting infill development.
  • Provide parking to support the village core area.
  • Enhance the pedestrian environment by:
    • Minimizing the impact of truck traffic
    • Continuing streetscape improvements
    • Improving building facades
  • Improve pedestrian connections to the Core Commercial Area from residential areas of the Borough.
  • Promote parcel assemblage, redevelopment and/or adaptive reuse, especially in the Core Commercial Area.
  • Increase home ownership and promote the de-conversion of multi-family units back to single-family residences.
  • Encourage storefront retail shops for existing area businesses that are currently wholesale enterprises.

The Hatfield Borough Revitalization Plan provides a strategic economic development program to make the Borough a more vibrant, livable, and attractive place to work, live, and visit. This plan documents existing market, socio-demographic, and physical conditions and establishes baseline conditions. Plan recommendations are aimed at achieving the Revitalization Goals developed by the Hatfield Borough Revitalization Task Force.

Revitalization Task Force Members

Robert L. Kaler, III, Borough Mayor
Kenneth V. Farrall, Borough Council
Lawrence G. Stevens, Borough Council
Fred Leister, Borough Public Works
Richard Ludwig, Ludwig Engineering Co.
Anne Leavitt-Gruberger, Montgomery County Planning Commission
Michael DeFinis, Borough Manager
D. Glenn Snyder, Borough Planning Commission