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Tax Information

Hatfield Borough
Local Government Handbook

Tax Structure

Real Estate Tax

2017 Real Estate Tax Rates:

Borough……………….2.00 mills

(Borough Fund 1.75 and Fire Protection Fund .25)

Montgomery County……….3.4590 mills

County/MCCC- .39 mills

North Penn School District…. 2016/2017-  24.1890 mills

North Penn School District…. 2017/2018- TBD (Comes out at the end of June)

Realty Transfer Tax

The Realty Transfer Tax is a one percent (1%) tax on real estate transfers within the

Earned Income Tax

The Earned Income Tax/Gross Receipts Tax, which was instituted in the Borough
effective April 1, 1992, is a one half of one percent (.5%) tax on all earned income and gross business receipts. (.5% NPSD).

Local Services Tax

The Local Services Tax, which was instituted in the Borough effective January 1, 2017, is $52.00 a calendar year for those who hold a job or profession within the Borough of Hatfield. (This does not include those whose total earned income and net profits are less than $12,000 per year)


Tax Collector: Nancy DeFinis

Phone: 215-855-0781 option 105

E-mail: ndefinis@hatfieldborough.com

Collection Hours: Hours are listed on the tax bill or by appointment only.

Collection Address: 41 N. Market St. Hatfield, PA 19440