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UPDATE: Please view entire report below.

DATE:  6-3-21

POWER OFF: See Below 

POWER ON: See Below


EMPLOYEES RESPONDING: Steve Fickert, Ed Polaneczky, Derik Stover, James Baskin, Jack Engelhart & Ryan Witoslawski 


TIME:  10:17 AM 


CAUSE OF OUTAGE: A car traveling northbound on S. Main St struck a utility pole on the corner of S. Main St & Poplar St. The car snapped the pole at the base. This impact caused a fault on the primary line and took out a fuse controlling the “B” phase. Loosing the “B” phase caused a chain reaction at three phase services (Tri Bank Transformers) causing fuses to fail throughout the circuit.

REPAIRS MADE: A new utility pole was installed in place of the one that was struck. Three transformers and one cut-out were replaced in front of 24 E Lincoln Ave. 12 fuses were replaced at various location on the Main St circuit. Re tapped two locations with new H Taps at different locations.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: Attached to this report are pictures of the scene, the report from the NOJA Recloser and a list of outages captured from the AMI system.  The initial car accident did not cause a circuit wide outage. After the fire department was dispatched to an electrical fire on E. Lincoln Ave, the circuit was shut off using the NOJA CMS software to prevent further damage to the equipment. After Carr & Duff was able to safely isolate the line going down Poplar St, the Main St Circuit  was re-energized. Time frames are listed below 

10:14 AM – Initial Accident
10:42 AM – Main St Circuit shut off 
1:47 PM – Main St Circuit Restored
6:18 PM – All Residents & Businesses fully restored.


Due to an accident on South Main Street, the Main Street Electric circuit has been shut-off. The accident took out the Utility Pole at Main Street and Poplar Street. Crews have been dispatched and will be working diligently to replace the pole and have power restored.

Main Street is currently closed from Broad Street to Towamencin Avenue.

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